GOD IS LOVE Poetic me Spoken Christ


Poet Victor K

God, take me to a place of your own,
To the place where we cannot be found,
Give me a touch, turn my life around,
Fill me with all of you,
Give me a new name in you,
For I desire a fellowship with you.
An intimacy in this friendship with you.

A longing consumes with me,
I desire you in all my being,
Touch me with your flame,
Consume me in you, in your name,
Change my empty story,
write a new story,
Write a new song in my heart,
That will cure all this pain and hurt.

Touch me with a love so gentle,
That gives peace so certain and eternal.
Birth in me a new spirit,
That to this flesh can bring defeat.
Resurrect mine that you so desire,
May to this intimacy I be lost,
For in you I am made complete at most

Dance with me in the ,moonlight.
As we trample upon our enemies,
Clothe me with your marvelous light,
That this darkness surrounding me,
May depart, leave you and I be.
In your words assure me,
Of peace and love with me.

In this Aura of love and intimacy,
Do me what only you And I can see.
Only what you can best define
Set me apart, give me a new tongue,
That I may speak of your goodness,
In the land of living righteousness,
Fill me with all of your power,
As more of you I desire.

Let this burning desire consume me,
This that yearns for you and me.
This crown on me let it be
Your presence, in it let me drawn
For loving you eternally I am sworn,
That even if my flesh be eaten of worm,
May my soul call on you.
For I am your own,
In this intimacy, may we forever be.

Poet Victor K


GOD IS LOVE Poetic me Spoken Christ

Love song’s sweetest line

Poet Victor K

On the ragged cross,
That set to death Rome’s enemies and foes,
On the cross of no loyalty but shame,
Hangs a tattered torn scorn flesh,
From which  I receive a new name.
On the tree so despised,
He is thirsty but water deprived.
They force Him drink vinegar,
So, He drinks my pain, sorrow and anger
That peace in me may forever be.
On the cross, His body dries naked,
He is shamed, His nakedness They see,
So that my shame on the cross die.
They mock my savior at my plea,
Look, I cry, but He says,
“Give me your pain, I am the comfort’s way.”

They’ve tortured Him, left for death.
Yet He’s The resurrection, feared by death,
So in their wrath His side they pierce,
A conviction so harsh for a man of peace.
This they do, my sins they kill,
This they do, my debt He pays
Look at me, His death has let me live.
Blood and water from His side gush,
Water that takes my sins to wash,
Blood that atones for my every wrong.
He has restored my strength,
In Him I am strong.
I shall not die, but eternally live long.

The cross where my savior lies,
Makes a love song’s sweetest line.
He has loved me with a love of His own,
Given Himself up, so I am reborn.
He has called me to dine in Resurrection,
Where death has no sting.
He has given me a greater great restoration,
Put a love song in me to sing,
Look, In Him He has set me so free,
Fear of damnation from me now flee.
In His suffering, death and resurrection, I live free.

And I have asked myself this daily,
Who am I that He loves dearly,
So unqualified I have been,
And my weakness He has always seen.
Thus restores me, gives me what I lack.
For my sins, He has given me Righteousness,
His strength, He has given me in weakness.
My condemnation He has paid for restoration.
My beauty is out of the cross they despise,
My Joy is born of His blood, His sacrifice,
And in me, death holds no wrath,
For in His resurrection so dead is death.


GOD IS LOVE Poetic me Spoken Christ


Poet Victor K


Pen on a paper, I set my hand to write.
So strong are the emotions, my hand so light.
Great are the words, I hope to write them right.
He has loved me, washed me, made my wrongs right.
So, my pen to my right hand,
I hold it so tight.
Words on the paper forms so light,
As cautiously I knit them so right.
He has filled me with love,
Given me all that is in His might,
Filled me with His Ghost,
I speak in tongues so foreign yet sweet.

My love has given me words so right,
So pen on a paper, a praise song I write.
Who is like you Oh! mighty one,
You set man apart, loved Him like a son.
Your eyes are flames of fire,
Yet your touch so kind , love so fair.
He has saved me from a foe’s fire,
Touched me with a touch of fire,.
That consumes me with love and desire,
To fellowship with Him, I thus desire.
Who is like my love, Him alone I admire.
He has coded within me a language,
So sweet are His words in my tongue.

His mighty hand has set me free,
His name makes my enemies flee,
His voice makes the earth Quake,
Yet to this voice, each morning I wake.
-For it gives my pulse a rhythm,
Makes mine blood with joy boil.
He has set my enemies below the soil,
Calls me to dine, with Him I share the spoil.
So intimate He is, In Him I don’t toil.
For He gives me rest, In battle I don’t wrest.
Look how He has set me free.
He has filled me with a tongue so foreign,
Yet in its words, I mightily reign.

So, who is like my Love,
Who gives me all that I have?
Look at Him who keeps the Sun Hot,
He freezes the seas to ice in winter,
Melts them all summer to glitter.
He has set the skies in marvel beauty,
He gives the stars a bright light,
Wakes the night in the morning,
Gives life to all that is living,
For anything, I am no longer striving.
For Himself, He has set me apart,
In His presence never to part.
His foreign tongue in me is so nice.

These right words are so light,
So, tight I hold my pen and write.
My love has given me earth for shelter,
He keeps my blood warm even in winter,
He holds all of existence in His hand.
All creation worship Him, The birds, His bard.
And in all His splendor and majesty,
He has created in me His dwelling place,
Lives in me gives my heart a pace.
He has filled me with His love,
Given me more than I have,
His presence in me burns with a touch so foreign
Yet in His mighty words I reign.

In the valley of a tempest night,
Voices are many, foxes at sight.
But in the darkest night I do not fright,
For my savior holds my right hand so tight,
Walks me in spite of the darkness in it,
Into the stomach of the darkest pit,
And glows a light so bright,
In Him I have confidence and confide.
He has filled me with His Spirit,
That is not of fear nor gets timid,
But of sound mind, strength and might.
So, in these coded tongues I speak so right,
For my lover’s tongue is so sweet.

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Final Plea


In thy presence, let I be.

Poet Victor K

I have not a lot to say,
But this O’ Lord I pray,
That you let me in your presence stay.
Lead me each and every day,
For even if I desire a hundred plus years,
I cannot afford a second without thee.
So, let me O’ Lord not be astray,
Be the lamp to my feet, I pray,
And the light to my way, I pray.
Wake me up tomorrow,
If you won’t lead me.
For mine many may be sorrow,
But you in me I trust I’ll conquer.
So, In thy presence let me be.

One thing I have asked of the Lord , and that I will seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, To gaze upon the beauty [the delightful loveliness and majestic grandeur] of the Lord And to meditate in His temple.

-Psalms 27:4 AMP

GOD IS LOVE Poetic me Spoken Christ


Whispers of death,
Siring a greater oblivion

Whispers of Death II
Poet Victor K

Whispers of death,
Blaspheming the Lord,
His love, His breath.
Whispers of death,
Birthing a cursed concept,
That boils in men with contempt,
So, one another they hate,
Seeking peace, they thus detest.
Whispers of death,
Siring a greater oblivion,
That sets hate in Theism and religion.
Whispers of death,
Has carefully crafted a sculpture,
looks pleasing yet depicts torture.

They turn away from truth,
Endless arguments in their booth,
A simple knowledge of the world,
Has made their hearts shun the word.
They walk like sheep gone astray,
Sheep without a shepherd, each its own way.
To them, the Bible is a fairy tale,
And Christ a legend in an old tell-tale.
So, in their hearts, believers they curse.
Of God they hardly know,
Insults in blasphemy they lush.
Of a faith they hardly understand,
Believers of it they treat so hursh.

They have taken the truth for trash,
To pointing at defying evidences, they rush.
They ignorantly forget the truth,
Fearing its Justice, its wrath.
They ignore the truth of life,
Cause whispers of death
Has chocked their breath.
Whispers of death,
Suppressing truth, spreading death.
Whispers of death,
Defies wisdom that has love,
Capitalizing knowledge that puffs.

To them,The message of the Cross is foolishness,
They hide behind a deceiving darkness,
Carefully crafted by whispers so dead.
Of its saving power, they’re deceived,
They heckle and insult its believers,
Yet it is the fullness of life,
Yet without it, man is forever to strife.
Whispers of death,
Has well formed sense of atheism,
With a touch of sense so pleasing,
Leading men from the truth,
Exposing them to the destructions of wrath.
Whispers of death,
Like a man never seeking the Light,
Has made men not see His Light,
The Glory of God in radiance so bright.

God does not exist, They say,
So, in sin, they content each day.
Their existence is by accident, they believe,
So, in great deception they live.
They choose to do what they want,
Saying, each to follow his heart,
Yet so deceitful is the human heart,
Its desire is to sin,
So, daily they lie in sin.
They’ve deprived the world of morality,
And what was once before God, good,
whispers of death poisons its food,
And kills it in obscene immorality.

God does not exist They say,
Cause they are afraid of a moral law,
For it cuts through their hearts, like wood by saw.
So, in their own desires they lie,
For they have called the word a lie,
Reason being, fear of condemnation,
Yet to them this is a great redemption.
They’ve so much loved the darkness,
And of God hates His brightness.
Their lack of faith leads them astray,
To fighting the very reason for their existence.
Whispers of death,
In their hearts has birthed death.

So, lemme silence these whispers,
And reinstate God’s existence,
His love, mercy, Grace to perseverance.
He is the very breath of God,
He is the very reason for existence.
Let these confusions decease,
For it births a dreadful disease,
That eats Human heart like cancer,
leaving wounds open like an ulcer.
But let me reintroduce you a healer,
A light to the knowledge of this God,
That atheism has termed a lost road,
Allow me to shed some light,
So that you know Him, His might.

He is the very radiance of God,
Without which no man sees God.
He is the very existence in our presence,
In Him lives the Knowledge of His word,
The very map to reaching God.
he restores hearts, Gives new soul,
He is the sweet aroma to all that is foul,
He is the redemption of the world,
From its decay, rot and fall.
He is the peace that man seek,
He is the healing that the world seek,
He is the strength to the weak.

His name is Jesus,
Given to us and by God to us.
So that He be the light of the world.
By the fullness of the word,
He maketh the wise and fools see.
He is the revealed word of God,
So God has asked men to believe,
That In Him They may live.
For every man needs Faith to believe,
Even not to believe in God’s existence,
Requires a greater, great faith
So, put tour faith in Him,
Seek Him, to know Him,
and ye shall see Him

And ye shall find me if ye seek me with all of your heart

Jeremiah 29:13

To read whispers of death I, click HERE👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾


Poet Victor K

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Thy presence is my sustenance

GOD IS LOVE Poetic me

She Found A True Lover

an infinite lover,
Who will quench your every desire

She Found A True Lover
Poet Victor K

 Her Troubled Heart
In the middle of a cold night,
Dully shins the moonlight,
The stars gladly shine so bright,
Voices so loud reduced to whispers,
Communication in snippets of touch and gestures,
The night is in dead endless silence,
But the crickets sing endless,
Yet in all this night’s stillness,
A lady’s soul lies awake, her heart, restless.
She thinks of him, he and only him.
Her heart melts, desiring him,
In her it is like a sweet hymn.

So, in her restless heart,
Phone in her hand, she sits on a mat,
For her heart’s sweet tormentor she calls,
I have to tell him, herself she tells.
my number she dials to call
Gladly I receive the call.
But then silence prevails,
Words desert her.
She holds her breath, a word to utter,
Hello…  Her voice trembles, Hello escapes her.
Hi, I have been meaning to tell you this,
And now I will, with words plain as these,
You I love and so desire to have,
As a friend of mine to be, A lover mine to have

An Indignant Despondency

Words of the heart carefully chosen,
Her voice was flat, she hadn’t mistaken,
So, silently I waited, hers voice to hearken.
Mine mind still on what she had spoken.
It was like hers heart  I had stolen,
And I in her was molten.
But my heart belonged to another,
Not only to God I have as a father,
But of love like a man to a woman
And not like that of a brother to a nun..
She wanted mine love to have ,
And her affections, I to serve.

So I told her the plain truth,
That mine story was already of Boaz and Ruth.
I belonged to another,.
But she instead, that I she wanted to have.
To cherish, to serve and love.
She said,  mine days  have been lonely,
Since the day I lost my lover, Bradley,
And now Your company, I would accept gladly.
And I am ready to be your side chic
So, I will bring no more trouble,
Let her be the side chic

So I thought…
I am born again, this could make me sick
Cheating on my love could make me weak.

An infinite lover; Love redefined,

So, silently for wisdom I prayed,
For words of the Spirit vividly I prayed,
So that these words be righteously played.
Then again, she spoke, mine tongue to provoke.
So this advice I gave her.
Truly, your friendship I really desire,
But love isn’t coined by a sole desire
Coated with emotions, that erotically respire.
It isn’t  dependent in definition,
But independent absent of infatuation.

She was hurting from her past relationship,
She needed company, a friendship.

But then, this I told her,
Lemme introduce you to an infinite lover,
Who will quench your every desire,
Whose love is independent of the situation,
Never dependent on coated definition,
Whose love is endless and priceless.

So, I told her of Romans 5:8,
Of how God demonstrated His love for us,
That While we were still sinners,
Christ gave Himself up for us.
And love be it for man to a woman,
It all comes from God,
Thus, the fullness of love is in God,
Then this is given to us in Christ.

The confession, The healing

Then silently I waited,
Her response was long coming,
I thought she had dosed or fainted.
Then I heard a sniff.
Tears must have tore her eyes,
Then a sniff, she cried, pain in her eyes.
Pain in her heart,
Pain exuding all the hurt.
She told me She’d heard it before,
But none had expounded that before.
So, the veil I lifted, Christ stood afore.
Then Gave Her a chance,
To let Go and let God.
For at the door, stood knocking, God.

Then this I told her,
That God is the greatest lover,
In whom there is fullness of love.
And love has got its own salt,
You need not to add it any salt,
It heals itself, preserves itself
And adds flavor to itself.
Thus God has given you love,
to heal all thy wounds,
Preserve you, your fears to loose,
Then add flavor to all that you’ve lost.
And this is Christ crucified for your cost.

And when I asked her to choose,
to have Christ so close not to lose,
Her heart in tears melted.
And all through she cried,
Of how far she had drifted,
Of how the devil had her blinded,
And of her lover’s ways  had forgotten,
But God had sought her lost heart,
Wiped her lasting tears,
Of bitterness and pain,
Made her well, filled her with peace.
She wiped of how she has hated,
And all her friends, forgotten,
But God still loved her.

She was crying, sniffing, sobbing,
So I helped her pray,
For the devil on her not to prey,
For she wanted to return to God,
He who is her true lover,
One who really cared for her,
She has found a lover who searched for her,
Who made her wake in the morning,
Kept her breathing way past the evening,
To call me to tell  Her about Him.
God is a true lover,
Seeks you in your darkest
Heals even burns of lava.
Poet Victor K.



Poet Victor K

He has called me to a love so foreign,
Yet This love to me is so certain.
He has followed me to my darkest night,
When I was In dark shame, no light
The stars had hidden their light
The moon shone not her light
The night gale sang no song that night,
All that was there was a sinister owl hooting.
Yet, He still followed me in this dark,
Held my hand, clothed me with  His light,
His love forsakes me not,
Follows me even to my darkest thought,
Searches for me when I am lost,
A love so foreign yet certain.

A love so precious, yet priceless.
A love that cares yet reckless.
He has loved me with a love so foreign,
Yet this love to me is so certain.
With this love I am confident,
Love that cares even for the disobedient,
A love poured unto me like wine,
Yet a sacrifice offered to me so fine,
To set me on Throne’s table to dine.
A love so Divine, given to me and mine.
A love out of this existence, yet calls me to existence,
Love that searches for me, washes my countenance,
Love that raises my head when cast down.
Love that forever to me is sworn.

Of His love I am certain,
Love that puts a song in me every morning,
Replenishes my soul, comforts me in mourning,
He has written me a love story,
Story so fine, so bright, restoring lost glory,
His love shows mercy even to the unjust,
He has called me to a love that can last,
Love that brakes all boundaries,
Love with no dent, Holds no dark histories,
Love that keeps no record of wrongs,
Love clothed with forgiveness,
Pouring out, flow less, never dries, it’s endless.
A love so strange, to this world, so foreign,
Yet to me, a love so certain.

Many days I have been in shame,
lost His glory, lost my name,
But His love, has pierced through my heart,
With mercy, Faith and grace,
I to save and not to hurt.
He has given me grace where I hid my face.
Where I am fallen and lost my way,
And all heaven on me ashamed,
He has shown me love,
Shown His holy way,
Sited me on His throne of Love ,
A love to this world so foreign,
Yet a love to me, so certain.

Who has loved another like this,
With love that assures things as these,
A love that’s so just in Judgement,
That minds those that cry and lament,
Love that is offered on a cursed tree,
Has set those bound by evil free,
Love shed on that cross, makes the blind see,
Love that is bruised, Cursed for my torment,
This love given to me has a name,
This love given to me knows my name,
This is a love to this world so foreign,
Yet a love that is so certain.
The Lord My God has loved you and I
With Love given on the cross for you and I
This love given to us, Has the Name Jesus.